Welcome to the BMC/BL Rally & Spares Day Website.

      *For the 2nd year running!*

We are pleased to welcome all motorcycles and scooters to our event!

Whilst we are still offering this for free to all 'rode in' bikes. Bikes brought in on a trailer must still show a vehicle pass on the towing vehicle, this can be obtained by prebooking with our vehicle entry form.

23rd Annual Rally & Spares Day

7th August 2016

Ferry Meadows

Nene Park

Oundle Road



The Magnificent 7

The new BMC/BL Group formed for the 13th Annual Rally & Spares Day (2005) when the former Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Autojumble Organiser retired. Left with the prospect of folding because no one would take on the mammoth task of secretary, Mel Coulson, the only committee member from the 1st year committee, roped in daughter Sara – a non classic car enthusiast – to be secretary… THE RALLY WAS TO CONTINUE!!!

Sue Joyce took over the role as treasurer. Richard Joyce took the role as Autojumble Organiser. Winston Isaacson now organises the raffle. Sylvia Frost organises the tombola and her family bake cakes for the day. David Frost Chairs the team! After Mel Coulson passed away in February 2008, his son Paul took over his role. And then we rely our family, friends and any other volunteers to help on the day. We inherited a tiny float that first year after the former committee donated it to charities, not deterred, Richard, David and Mel to dipped into their own pockets to provide a cash flow for essential stamps and other stationary to get us going! We the BMC/BL Group are totally independent to any other car clubs, committees or organisations, we are a non profit making group and do it simply for ‘love’. Thank you for your continued support to make the day the success it is and so enjoyable for all.